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Diesel Dispenser

One of the best solutions for control on consumption of fuel and pilferaging, Diesel Dispenser is integrated with a placement displacement flow sensor for high accuracy in measurements. All these systems are capable of operating in a wide range of temperature with no damage. The entire construction of the diesel dispenser is done ruggedly so that it can sustain easily harsh environmental conditions. These dispensers are suitable for use in the company who own their cars, forklifts, buses and cranes in their premises. There are installed large capacity reusable filters in these dispensers for filtering fuel before dispensing.


Diesel Dispenser - Series 6760

Diesel Dispenser Series 6760 presents a reliable and highly accurate solution for those companies who own their cars, buses, cranes and forklifts. It is a compact and economical system, configured for keeping a check on the diesel dispensing. In this, there is installed a tamper proof operating system with easy to use interface. This makes it a very attractive solution for controlling pilferage and consumption of diesel.

  • High capacity gear pump
  • High accuracy P. D. Flow Sensor for measurement.
  • Built in large capacity filter.
  • Auto shut off nozzle for tank topping up.
  • Resetable Batch and Cumulative Totaliser.
  • Self Powered Display, No dependence on Mains Power
  • Rugged construction to suit harsh environments.
  • Transparent Panel conforming to TPM Norms.

  • Flow Capacity (LPM): 0 - 35
  • Supply Voltage: AC 440V /3 Phase /50 Hz
  • Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Battery
  • Filter Mesh: 100 micron SS Mesh Reusable
  • Hose Size (inch): 3/4 Auto Switch Off Type
  • Accuracy (+/-): 0.5% of reading
  • Nozzle Material: R3 Grade Rubber Hose
  • Nozzle Length: 5 Meter Long Gear Pump With 1 HP Motor


Series 6720 : Mobile Diesel Dispenser

Most commonly used at construction and mining sites for keeping a check on the diesel consumption, Mobile Diesel Dispenser Series 6720 operates on 24V DC power supply. Integrated with tamper proof metering unit for ensuring security, this is configured in a compact design for diesel dispensing. It a very attractive device, designed and developed for conserving precious diesel fuel and also for controlling pilferage at sites.

  • High capacity vane pump for diesel dispensing.
  • High accuracy P. D. Flowmeter for measurement.
  • Built - in reusable large capacity filter.
  • 3/4" size Shut off nozzle for filling.
  • Pad locking facility for nozzle.
  • Resetable Batch and Cummulative Totaliser.
  • Self Powered Display.
  • 24V DC vehicle battery operation.
  • Rugged construction to suit harsh environments.

  • Flow Capacity (LPM): 0 - 60
  • Accuracy (+/-): 0.5% of reading
  • Supply Voltage ( DC from Vehicle Battery): 24 V
  • Batch Display: 12 mm Height LCD 999.99 liters
  • Cumulative Display: 8 mm height LCD 99999999 liters
  • Filter Mesh: 150 Micron SS Mesh Reusable Type
  • Hose Nozzle (inch): 1 R3 Grade Rubber, 3/4 Shutoff Nozzle
  • Hose Nozzle Length (meter): 5

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