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Fuel Unloading System


Series 7110 Barrel Unloading System

Barrel Unloading System Series 7110, as the name suggests, is a system specially configured and developed for providing accurate measurement of liquid fuels while unloading from barrels. This system is suitable for handling a variety of liquid fuels like diesel, kerosene and other solvents. There is dip- rod measurement standard of barrels that has to be met while unloading and for that accurate flow measurement of fuel is necessary. With this, a strict control on pilferage and short supply can be countered which is quite common in this application.

  • High accuracy positive displacement flowsensor for measurement.
  • 1 HP Gear Pump for decanting barrel within 10min.
  • High capacity air separator for maintaining accuracy.
  • Construction ensures system is fully primed at all times.
  • LCD display for easy readability.
  • Weather-proof and flame-proof electrical fitting.
  • Convenient metal barrel suction tube with hose provided.
  • Left over liquid in barrel is less than half a litre.
  • Convenient mobile trolley mounted for portability.
  • RS485 Serial - output for PLC interface optional.

  • Flow Capacity (LPM): 25
  • Barrel Suction Tube (inch): 1 Metal Pipe
  • Trolley: Fabricated steel with center wheel.
  • Filter: 150 microns reusable.
  • Suction Hose (inch): 1
  • Suction Hose Length (meter): 3
  • Hose Material: Rubber Hose
  • Accuracy: Better than 0.5%
  • Flow Meter Type: Positive Displacement - Rotary Piston
  • Pump Type: Gear Pump
  • Motor (HP): 3
  • Power Supply: 440 V
  • Air Separator (inch): High Capacity 1/2 Port Size
  • Display (inch): 5 digit 1/2 LCD 1999.9 liters resettable
  • Cumulative Display: 8 digit 8mm LCD 999999.9 liters non-resettable


Series 7100 Tanker Unloading System

We are offering Series 7100: Tanker Unloading System to our client. These products are made of best quality.

  • Flow Meter Type: Positive Displacement Rotary Piston
  • Air Separator (inch): Float actuated mechanism 1/2 air release port
  • Accuracy: Better than 0.5% of reading
  • Display: 8x2 dot matrix LCD back lit display current total 999999.9 liters (Resettable)
  • Display Cumulative: Total 999999.9 liters (Non-Resettable)
  • Flow Rate (LPM): 999.9
  • Unloading Flow Rate (LPH): 1200 Max to 24000 Max ( from gravity unloading to underground tank)

  • Area Clarification: Suitable for Gr IIA Gr IIB hazardous area certified by CMRI Dhanbad.
  • Mounting: Fabricated Mounting Frame with grouting facility.
  • Options: RS 485 MODBUS Serial Output for BMS connectivity. Integrated Unloading Pump


Tanker Unloading System

We are offering Tanker Unloading System to our client. These products are made of best quality.

  • Flow Range (LPH): 12 - 500
  • Engine Run Time (Hrs): 9999.99
  • Fuel Totaliser (Ltrs): 999999.9
  • Accuracy (+/-): 0.5% of reading
  • Service: HSD /LDO
  • Operating Temperature (Degree Celsius): 0 - 70
  • Power Supply (DC from Cranking Battery): 12 V
  • Display: 8 digit dot matrix LCD
  • Filter Element: 25 microns Replaceable
  • Pressure Drop (LPH on Diesel Service): Less than 1 inch of Hg at 500
  • Mounting: MS fabricated frame for ground mounting of unit

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